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December 10th - National Lager Day & Nobel Prize Day

Raise a mug in celebration—it's National Lager Day! This day pays tribute to one of the world's oldest and most widely consumed styles of beer. Whether you prefer a crisp pilsner or a robust bock, take a moment to appreciate the refreshing goodness of lagers.

Honor exceptional contributions—it's Nobel Prize Day! Established in 1895, the Nobel Prizes recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to humanity in various fields. Take a moment to reflect on the achievements of Nobel laureates and the positive impact of their work.

Beer Appreciation and Intellectual Reflection Tip 🌟

Sip on your favorite lager while learning about past Nobel Prize winners.

It's a refreshing way to combine beer appreciation with intellectual reflection on National Lager Day and Nobel Prize Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of toasting to lagers and acknowledging outstanding contributions on National Lager Day and Nobel Prize Day. Keep enjoying the diversity of beers and honoring intellectual achievements.

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