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December 14th - National Alabama Day & Monkey Day

Celebrate the Heart of Dixie—it's National Alabama Day! Whether you're an Alabama resident or simply curious about the state's history and culture, take a moment to explore the diverse landscapes, rich traditions, and notable landmarks of Alabama. From the vibrant city life of Birmingham to the serene beaches of Gulf Shores, there's much to discover.

Embrace the playful primates—it's Monkey Day! This whimsical day celebrates all things monkey-related, from the fascinating diversity of monkey species to the joy they bring in popular culture. Whether you visit a zoo, learn about different monkey species, or simply enjoy monkey-themed entertainment, Monkey Day is a lighthearted celebration.

Southern Exploration and Primate Playfulness Tip 🌟

Combine learning about Alabama's history with exploring fun monkey facts.

It's a delightful blend of regional discovery and playful celebration on National Alabama Day and Monkey Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of appreciating Alabama's uniqueness and reveling in the playful spirit of monkeys. Keep exploring the Heart of Dixie and embracing the charm of these charismatic primates on National Alabama Day and Monkey Day.

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