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December 21st - National Maine Day & Humbug Day

Celebrate the beauty of the Pine Tree State—it's National Maine Day! Whether you're a Maine resident or an admirer of its scenic landscapes and coastal charm, take a moment to explore the unique culture, delicious seafood, and outdoor adventures that Maine has to offer. From Acadia National Park to the iconic lighthouses, there's much to discover.

Vent your holiday frustrations—it's Humbug Day! If the holiday season has you feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed, Humbug Day is the perfect occasion to let out your frustrations. Embrace the sentiment made famous by Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and find a humorous way to release any tension.

Maine Exploration and Humorous Release Tip 🌟

Combine a virtual exploration of Maine's attractions with a lighthearted activity to vent holiday frustrations. It's a balance of appreciating the beauty of Maine and finding a humorous outlet on National Maine Day and Humbug Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of discovering the wonders of Maine and a night of releasing any holiday stress with a touch of humor. Keep exploring the scenic landscapes and enjoying a moment of lightheartedness on National Maine Day and Humbug Day.

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