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December 27th - National Fruitcake Day & Pie Month

Celebrate the enduring tradition—it's National Fruitcake Day! Despite its reputation, fruitcake holds a special place in holiday traditions. Whether you enjoy it with a cup of tea or share it as a gift, appreciate the rich flavors and the history behind this festive treat.

As December continues, it's time to celebrate all pies—it's Pie Month! From classic apple pie to inventive creations, indulge in the variety and deliciousness that pies bring to the holiday table. Whether sweet or savory, pies are a versatile and comforting culinary delight.

Fruitcake Appreciation and Pie Extravaganza Tip 🌟

Pair a slice of fruitcake with a mini pie sampler for a diverse and delightful dessert experience. It's a unique combination that celebrates National Fruitcake Day, Pie Month, and the joy of holiday flavors.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of fruitcake appreciation and a month-long celebration of pies. Keep savoring the diverse world of pies and discovering the charm of National Fruitcake Day and Pie Month.

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