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December 2nd - National Fritters Day & National Mutt Day

Crispy, flavorful, and oh-so-satisfying—it's National Fritters Day! Whether you prefer apple fritters, corn fritters, or seafood fritters, today is a celebration of these delightful fried treats. Embrace the crunch and savor the diverse flavors of fritters as you explore different variations.

Give a special shout-out to our furry friends—it's National Mutt Day! Celebrate the unique charm and love that mixed-breed dogs bring into our lives. Whether you have a mutt of your own or plan to visit a local shelter, take this day to appreciate the wonderful diversity and companionship that mutts offer.

Fried Delights and Canine Companionship Tip 🌟

Enjoy some fritters while spending quality time with your mutt. Treat yourself and your furry friend to a cozy day filled with tasty bites and wagging tails.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of fritter fun and a heartfelt salute to the lovable mutts around the world. Keep frying up delicious treats and showering your mutt with extra love on National Fritters Day and National Mutt Day.

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