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December 7th - National Illinois Day & National Cotton Candy Day

Celebrate the Land of Lincoln—it's National Illinois Day! Whether you're a proud Illinois resident or simply interested in the state's rich history and culture, take a moment to explore what makes Illinois unique. From the iconic Chicago skyline to Abraham Lincoln's historic ties, there's much to appreciate about the Prairie State.

Indulge your sweet tooth—it's National Cotton Candy Day! This delightful, fluffy treat brings back memories of carnivals, fairs, and childhood joy. Whether you enjoy traditional pink or venture into exotic flavors, take a moment to savor the sugary goodness of cotton candy.

State Pride and Sweet Nostalgia Tip 🌟

Pair a taste of cotton candy with a virtual tour of Illinois landmarks. It's a sweet journey through both state pride and sugary nostalgia on National Illinois Day and National Cotton Candy Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of exploring Illinois and enjoying the whimsy of cotton candy. Keep celebrating state heritage and indulging in sweet treats on National Illinois Day and National Cotton Candy Day.

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