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December 9th - Christmas Card Day & National Pastry Day

Spread holiday cheer—it's Christmas Card Day! Take a moment to send warm wishes to friends and family near and far. Whether you opt for traditional snail mail or embrace digital greetings, the joy of receiving a heartfelt message remains timeless.

Indulge in flaky goodness—it's National Pastry Day! Pastries come in various forms, from croissants to danishes, tempting taste buds with their buttery, flaky layers. Treat yourself to your favorite pastry or explore a new bakery's offerings.

Festive Greetings and Pastry Delight Tip 🌟

Pair the act of sending Christmas cards with sharing a pastry recipe or indulging in a sweet treat. It's a delightful combination of spreading holiday cheer and savoring the delectable layers of pastries on Christmas Card Day and National Pastry Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of festive connections and pastry enjoyment. Keep sending those heartfelt messages and relishing the pastry perfection on Christmas Card Day and National Pastry Day.

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