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February 10th - National Umbrella Day & National Canned Food Month

Stay dry and stylish—it's National Umbrella Day! Whether you're shielding yourself from rain or sun, celebrate the functional and fashionable accessory that adds a pop of color to gray days. Embrace the versatility of umbrellas.

Support food banks and convenience—it's National Canned Food Month. Take a moment to appreciate the convenience and longevity of canned foods while also recognizing their importance in supporting food banks and providing meals to those in need.

Umbrella Elegance and Canned Goods Kindness Tip 🌟 Donate canned goods to a local food bank while strolling with your umbrella. It's a thoughtful combination of celebrating National Umbrella Day and contributing to the spirit of National Canned Food Month.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of staying dry in style and supporting community well-being. Keep embracing the versatility of umbrellas and making a positive impact through canned food donations.

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