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February 12th - National Plum Pudding Day & Red Hand Day

Delight in a fruity treat—it's National Plum Pudding Day! Whether you enjoy it as a traditional Christmas dessert or as a year-round indulgence, savor the rich flavors of plum pudding. Relish in the fruity goodness and perhaps try your hand at making this classic dish.

Raise awareness for child soldiers—it's Red Hand Day. This day focuses on the use of child soldiers in armed conflicts and aims to raise awareness about their plight. Join the global effort to end the recruitment and use of children in armed forces.

Plum Perfection and Advocacy Awareness Tip 🌟

Enjoy a serving of plum pudding while participating in activities or events that raise awareness about child soldiers. It's a thoughtful combination of celebrating National Plum Pudding Day and contributing to the cause on Red Hand Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of fruity indulgence and global awareness. Keep relishing the flavors of plum pudding while joining the fight against the use of child soldiers.

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