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February 13th - National Tortellini Day & National Cheddar Day

Savor pasta perfection—it's National Tortellini Day! Whether tossed in a rich sauce, served in a hearty soup, or enjoyed on its own, delight in the delicate and delicious taste of tortellini. Celebrate this Italian pasta that brings comfort and flavor to every bite.

Enjoy the sharpness—it's National Cheddar Day! Whether in the form of a classic cheddar cheese block, melted on a sandwich, or incorporated into a dish, relish the bold and sharp flavor of cheddar. Celebrate the versatility of this beloved cheese.

Pasta Bliss and Cheese Cheers Tip 🌟

Pair tortellini with a cheddar-inspired dish to create a culinary masterpiece. The tender pasta and sharp cheese flavors complement each other, offering a delightful combination of celebrating National Tortellini Day and savoring the rich taste of National Cheddar Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of pasta indulgence and cheese appreciation. Keep enjoying the delicate folds of tortellini and raising a toast to the boldness of cheddar.

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