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February 19th - National Chocolate Mint Day & Presidents Day

Indulge in a minty treat—it's National Chocolate Mint Day! Whether it's a classic mint chocolate chip ice cream, a decadent chocolate mint dessert, or a refreshing minty beverage, celebrate the delightful pairing of chocolate and mint.

Honor U.S. leaders—it's Presidents Day! Take this day to reflect on the contributions of past presidents and the impact they've had on the nation. Explore presidential history, visit historical sites, or engage in activities that celebrate the legacy of U.S. leaders.

Minty Delights and Presidential Reflections Tip 🌟

Enjoy a chocolate mint treat while delving into presidential history. It's a flavorful combination of celebrating National Chocolate Mint Day and honoring the leaders who shaped the United States on Presidents Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of indulgence and historical appreciation. Keep savoring the deliciousness of chocolate mint and reflecting on the legacy of U.S. presidents.

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