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February 29th - Rare Disease Day & National Leap Day

Raise awareness and support—it's Rare Disease Day! This day brings attention to rare diseases and the challenges faced by those affected. Show support, spread awareness, and contribute to efforts aimed at improving the lives of individuals with rare diseases.

Embrace the extra day—it's National Leap Day! Occurring once every four years, Leap Day adds an extra day to the calendar. Seize the opportunity to do something special, whether it's trying a new activity, setting a personal goal, or simply enjoying an extra day of the year.

Advocacy and Extraordinary Moments Tip 🌟 Dedicate this extra day to raising awareness for rare diseases and performing acts of kindness. It's a combination of advocacy on Rare Disease Day and making the most of the additional day on National Leap Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of raising awareness, embracing the extraordinary, and making a positive impact. Keep supporting those with rare diseases and making the most of this rare extra day.

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