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February 2nd - National Tater Tot Day & National Groundhog Day

Crunch into nostalgia—it's National Tater Tot Day! Whether you enjoy them as a side dish, in casseroles, or in creative recipes, savor the crispy and comforting goodness of tater tots. Celebrate the joy these bite-sized delights bring to your plate.

Will the groundhog see its shadow? It's Groundhog Day! This quirky tradition predicts the weather based on whether the groundhog sees its shadow. Whether winter lingers or spring approaches, embrace the whimsy of this age-old weather prediction.

Nostalgic Bites and Weather Wonder Tip 🌟 Enjoy a plate of tater tots while tuning in to the Groundhog Day festivities. It's a delightful combination of relishing the crispy goodness of National Tater Tot Day and adding a touch of weather curiosity on Groundhog Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of crispy bites and weather predictions. Keep savoring the nostalgic joy of tater tots and anticipating the whimsical forecast of Groundhog Day.

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