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January 13th - National Sticker Day & National Rubber Ducky Day

Stick to joyous expressions—it's National Sticker Day! Celebrate the adhesive wonders that add flair to your belongings. Whether you collect them, use them to decorate, or share them with friends, embrace the simple yet delightful joy of stickers.

Quack up the fun—it's National Rubber Ducky Day! Pay homage to the classic bath toy that has brought joy to bath times for generations. Whether you have a rubber ducky collection or simply enjoy a playful splash, revel in the whimsy of these cheerful companions.

Sticker Delights and Rubber Ducky Splash Tip 🌟

Combine the fun of stickers with a rubber ducky-themed craft or decoration for an extra dose of joy.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of sticker smiles on National Sticker Day and a quack-tastic celebration on National Rubber Ducky Day. Keep sticking to joy and quacking up the fun.

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