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January 15th - National Bagel Day & National Hat Day

Savor the doughy delights—it's National Bagel Day! Whether you enjoy them toasted with cream cheese, piled high with toppings, or as the foundation for a breakfast sandwich, indulge in the versatile and delicious world of bagels.

Top off your style—it's National Hat Day! From chic berets to cozy beanies, celebrate the vast array of headwear that adds flair to your fashion. Whether you're a hat aficionado or just looking to try something new, embrace the opportunity to express your style with a stylish hat.

Bagel Bliss and Stylish Crowns Tip 🌟 Pair your favorite bagel with a hat that complements your mood for a delightful combination of flavor and style.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of bagel bliss on National Bagel Day and a stylish exploration on National Hat Day. Keep savoring the diverse world of bagels and expressing your personality through fashionable headwear.

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