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January 29th - National Corn Chip Day & National Puzzle Day

Crunch and munch—it's National Corn Chip Day! Enjoy the savory delight of corn chips, a versatile snack that pairs well with dips and toppings. Whether you prefer them plain or loaded with your favorite flavors, relish the satisfying crunch of corn chips.

Engage your mind—it's National Puzzle Day! Challenge yourself with puzzles of various types, from crosswords to jigsaw puzzles. Whether you enjoy solo puzzling or gather with friends and family, stimulate your mind and celebrate the joy of solving puzzles.

Savory Crunch and Mindful Play Tip 🌟 Combine the crunch of corn chips with a puzzle-solving session, creating a delightful blend of savory snacking and mental engagement.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of savory delights on National Corn Chip Day and the stimulating challenge of National Puzzle Day. Keep munching on corn chips and exercising your mind with engaging puzzles.

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