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January 7th - National Bobblehead Day & National Tempura Day

Celebrate the nodding figurines—it's National Bobblehead Day! Whether you have a collection or simply enjoy the whimsical charm of bobbleheads, take this day to appreciate these nodding figures. Explore the diverse themes and characters that come to life with a gentle tap.

Savor a crispy delight—it's National Tempura Day! Indulge in the Japanese culinary art of tempura, where seafood, vegetables, or even desserts are delicately coated and deep-fried to crispy perfection. Whether you're a fan of shrimp tempura or vegetable tempura, relish in the delightful textures and flavors.

Nodding Delights and Culinary Crispiness Tip 🌟 Enjoy a meal featuring tempura while surrounded by bobbleheads. It's a delightful combination of nodding delights on National Bobblehead Day and savoring culinary crispiness on National Tempura Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of playful nods and flavorful bites on National Bobblehead Day and National Tempura Day. Keep celebrating the charm of bobbleheads and exploring the art of tempura.

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