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November 16th - National Indiana Day & National Fast Food Day

Today, we explore the Hoosier State—it's National Indiana Day! Indiana is a land of rich history, from the Indianapolis 500 to the scenic beauty of its countryside. Take a moment to discover the unique attractions and culture that make Indiana a wonderful place to visit.

Indulge in a convenient culinary delight—it's National Fast Food Day Fast food, with its quick and delicious offerings, has become a staple in our busy lives. Whether you're enjoying a classic burger or trying a new fast-food creation, savor the flavors that have become a part of American culture.

State Exploration and Convenient Cravings Tip 🌟

Try a fast-food dish inspired by Indiana's culinary specialties to combine your exploration with a tasty treat.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of discovering Indiana's treasures on National Indiana and the quick and satisfying flavors of National Fast Food Day. Keep exploring the beauty of states and the culinary pleasures they offer.

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