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October 19th - National Kentucky Day & Seafood Bisque Day

Saddle up for a celebration—it's Kentucky Day! Known for its rolling hills, horse racing heritage, and bourbon distilleries, Kentucky is a state with a rich tapestry of culture. Whether you have roots in the Bluegrass State or simply appreciate its contributions to American history, today is the day to honor Kentucky's traditions. Consider sipping on some bourbon, enjoying a slice of Derby Pie, or exploring the scenic beauty that defines the heart of Kentucky.

Indulge in the luxurious flavors of the sea—it's Seafood Bisque Day! This creamy and savory soup, brimming with the goodness of seafood, is a culinary delight. Whether you enjoy it as a starter or make it the centerpiece of your meal, seafood bisque is a celebration of oceanic flavors. Try making it at home with your favorite seafood medley or savor a bowl at a seafood restaurant. It's a day to relish the richness and elegance of this classic dish.

Bonus Culinary Adventure 🌟

Pair a glass of Kentucky bourbon with a steaming bowl of seafood bisque for a delightful combination of Southern charm and coastal indulgence.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of embracing the spirit of Kentucky and savoring the indulgence of seafood bisque. Keep celebrating the diverse flavors of our states and the culinary wonders that transport us to different corners of the world.

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