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October 27th - National Frankenstein Friday & National American Beer Day

It's a day to celebrate a literary classic—it's National Frankenstein Friday! Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" introduced us to the iconic monster and the scientist who dared to defy the laws of nature. Whether you're revisiting the novel, watching a film adaptation, or donning your best monster costume, embrace the eerie and thought-provoking world of Frankenstein.

Raise a glass to the land of craft brews and beer culture—it's National American Beer Day! The United States is home to a vibrant beer scene with a diverse range of flavors and styles. Explore the world of American craft beers by visiting a local brewery, enjoying a beer tasting, or simply sharing a brew with friends.

Literary and Brewed Harmony Tip 🌟

Consider pairing your favorite American beer with a classic horror novel to create a unique reading and sipping experience.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of literary intrigue with Frankenstein and the delightful world of American beer on National American Beer Day. Keep exploring the realms of imagination and flavor.

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