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September 15th - National Linguine Day & National Felt Hat Day

National Linguine Day Prepare your taste buds for a pasta feast—it's National Linguine Day! This beloved Italian pasta is known for its flat, ribbon-like shape that pairs perfectly with a variety of sauces. Whether you prefer it with a classic marinara, a rich Alfredo, or a seafood medley, linguine offers a delectable canvas for your culinary creations.

National Felt Hat Day Don your finest felt hat and channel your inner style icon—it's National Felt Hat Day! Felt hats have been a timeless fashion accessory, adding a touch of elegance to outfits for centuries. Whether you choose a classic fedora or a stylish cloche, let your hat become an extension of your personal style.

Bonus Fashion Tip 🌟

Experiment with different felt hat styles and discover how they can transform your look. Don't be afraid to express your unique fashion sense!

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of indulging in pasta perfection and embracing the flair of felt hats. Keep savoring life's flavors and expressing your style with confidence.

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