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September 23rd - National Snack Stick Day & National Great American Pot Pie Day

National Snack Stick Day Get ready for a snacking adventure—it's National Snack Stick Day! Snack sticks, with their portable and flavorful appeal, are the perfect on-the-go treat. Whether you prefer meat-based or plant-based options, indulge in the savory goodness of snack sticks. They're a quick and satisfying snack for any occasion.

National Great American Pot Pie Day Prepare for a comforting culinary experience—it's National Great American Pot Pie Day! Pot pies, with their flaky crusts and savory fillings, are a classic American comfort food. Whether you enjoy a traditional chicken pot pie, a beefy delight, or a vegetable-packed version, savor the heartwarming taste of this beloved dish.

Bonus Snacking Idea 🌟 Pair your snack sticks with a dipping sauce, like honey mustard or ranch dressing, for an extra burst of flavor.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of snacking adventures and indulging in the cozy goodness of pot pie. Keep savoring the flavors of comfort food and the convenience of delicious snack sticks.

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