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September 26th - National Johnny Appleseed Day & National Shamu the Whale Day

Today, we honor an American legend and the spirit of orchard planting—it's National Johnny Appleseed Day! John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, left a legacy of apple trees across the nation. Celebrate this pioneer's love for nature by enjoying a crisp, juicy apple or planting a tree in your community.

Dive into the world of marine marvels—it's National Shamu the Whale Day! Shamu, the iconic orca of SeaWorld fame, captivated audiences with stunning performances and raised awareness about marine life. While Shamu is no longer part of SeaWorld, today is a reminder of the importance of marine conservation and the wonder of these majestic creatures.

Bonus Green Thumb Tip 🌟

Consider planting an apple tree in your backyard or participating in a local tree-planting event to contribute to a greener world.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of nature appreciation and marine wonder. Keep planting seeds of kindness and marveling at the beauty of our natural world.

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