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September 7th - National Beer Lovers Day & National Salami Day

National Beer Lovers Day 🍻

Cheers to the nectar of the gods—it's National Beer Lovers Day! Whether you're a fan of hoppy IPAs, rich stouts, or crisp lagers, today is the day to raise your glass and toast to the art of brewing. From craft breweries to traditional favorites, beer brings people together in merriment and camaraderie. So gather your friends, try a new brew, and celebrate the diversity of this beloved beverage.

National Salami Day 🥖

Pair your favorite beer with a savory delight—it's National Salami Day! Salami is a flavorful and versatile cured meat that adds a gourmet touch to charcuterie boards, sandwiches, and more. Whether you enjoy it sliced thin or piled high, take this opportunity to savor the bold, savory goodness of salami.

Bonus Food Pairing Idea 🌟: Create your own beer and salami pairing experience. Experiment with different beer styles and salami varieties to discover delightful flavor combinations.

Join us on Destination Celebration for more flavorful celebrations, from the world of craft beer to the joys of indulging in delicious deli meats. Keep raising your glass and savoring the simple pleasures of life!

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