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Fresh Pizzas

Become an Official Destination for
National Deep Dish Pizza Day!

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About the Day

Celebrate the culinary delight of deep dish pizza with us!

As part of Deep Dish Pizza Day, we're partnering with National Day Calendar to recognize standout pizza places as official destinations.

Embrace the opportunity to showcase your pizza and enjoy exclusive promotional benefits.

What We
Offer You

Official Pizza Day Seal

Showcase your status as the official destination for National Deep Dish Pizza Day with a 5x8 window decal. This eye-catching sign will draw in customers and highlight your special recognition.

Window Decal

Elevate your credibility with an official digital seal. This emblem signifies your authentic partnership and status as an endorsed destination.

Press Release Email

Be a highlight in our press release email, sent to over 5 million subscribers on the day of [specific pizza-related day]. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach a vast audience and enhance your marketing impact.

Pizza Day T-Shirts

Dress your team in custom T-shirts featuring unique designs that celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day. Available with personalization options to reflect your brand identity (at a cost).

Feature On Our Website

Gain exposure from our high-traffic website, averaging over 1 million visits per day. Your feature on our site will boost visibility and attract more patrons.

What you need to do

Social Media Engagement

Staff Photo with T-Shirts

We ask that you engage with your audience by posting about the event once a week for the four weeks leading up to National Deep Dish Pizza Day, with the final post on the day itself.

Collaborating with our account in each post is essential to foster our collaborative effort.

If you opt for the custom T-shirts, we'd love a photo of your staff wearing them. This helps promote the spirit of the day and showcases our joint celebration.

Please display the provided window decal in a prominent location to signify your official partnership and destination status for National Deep Dish Pizza Day!

Display Decal

Each of these contributions plays a vital role in maximizing the impact of your designation as an official destination and enhances the promotional benefits for both parties.

Contact us at or give us a call at (702) 919-1610


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