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Destination Celebration Show

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Host and founder of the National Day Calendar, Marlo Anderson, brings enthusiasm for National Days everywhere he goes. Co-host, Latoya Johnson, plays the sassy yet observant explorer of Marlo's freewheeling style.


Expect the unexpected on Destination Celebration, leading you on fantastic adventures and mishaps. 

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Eyes Closed Selfie

Episode 13 - National Selfie Day

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 02.27.30.png

Episode 12 - International Dance Day

Episode 11 - International Doge Day

French Fries

Episode 10 - National French Fry Day

Beer Samples

Episode 9 - National Beer Day

Episode 8 - National Something On A Stick Day


Episode 7 - National Popcorn Day

Episode 6 - National Noodle Day

Car Garage

Episode 5 - Collector Car Appreciation Day

Making Coffee

Episode 4 - National Coffee Day

Dog Walker

Episode 3 - National Love Your Pet Day

DC Show - YouTube Banners -3.png

Episode 2 - National Video Game Day

DC Show - YouTube Banners -2.png

Episode 1 - National Pizza Day

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