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Destination Celebration Show Background Marlo Anderson

Marlo Anderson, the founder of the
National Day Calendar is a visionary and
a serial entrepreneur who believes in
Celebrating Every Day. 
What started as a daily blog ten years ago has become one of the most prominent trending topics of all time, with lines forming worldwide to celebrate National Coffee Day and National Donut Day.

Marlo's mantra has changed lives for the
better. In over 75 million households, and read about him in countless publications. Marlo has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CBS Sunday Morning, and NBC Nightly News and has even had a few appearances on reality TV Shows. His other entrepreneurial endeavors include Zoovio, Q1 Network, and Package. Marlo resides in Mandan, North Dakota.

Destination Celebration Show Background Latoya

From managing multi-million-dollar construction projects to fundraising and sitting on various organizational boards. She’s always been eager to expand her knowledge and enthusiastic to celebrate the things that matter most in life.

Founder of the Non-Profit Village of Becoming, Latoya has extended her passion for empowering others beyond her television host and author


As a trailblazer and role model in the business landscape, Latoya's ability to connect with diverse audiences is another key aspect of her genuine appeal, and her relatable personality
enables her to build strong connections with people from various backgrounds. By sharing her experiences and expertise, she will leave a lasting impact on viewers.

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