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Destination Celebration Show Background Marlo Anderson

Celebrate Every Day! As founder of National Day Calendar.


Marlo Anderson does indeed Celebrate Every Day. The platform that emerged from a daily blog 10 years ago has turned into the biggest trending topic of all time. Lines form at businesses around the world to celebrate National Coffee Day and National Donut Day. News and lifestyle shows around the country feature what National Day we are celebrating every morning.

Marlo is a visionary, a serial entrepreneur and a creative orator. At a recent presentation, he challenged the audience with, What if your net worth was measured by the ripples you create in the world? His mantra, Celebrate Every Day leaves positive ripples across the globe and has changed lives for the better. Companies seek him out to drive engagement, build culture and grow sales. You can hear Marlo daily on over 300 radio stations, watch him

in over 75 million households and read about him in countless publications. Marlo has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CBS Sunday Morning, NBC Nightly News and has even
had a few appearances in reality TV Shows. His other entrepreneurial endeavors include Zoovio, Q1 Network and Package. Marlo resides in Mandan, North Dakota

Destination Celebration Show Background Latoya

Nonprofit Founder & serial entrepreneur Latoya Johnson is best known for her philanthropy and business savvy.


From managing multi-million-dollar construction projects to fundraising and sitting on various organizational boards. She’s always been eager to expand her knowledge and enthusiastic to celebrate the things that matter most in life. With an educational background in organizational management, her 15+ year career spans multiple industries, including retail, finance, property management, construction, and real estate.


The experience in these industries gave her the confidence to strike out on new endeavors, starting A&GWA business development consulting, Implanted Lifestyle CBD hair care line, Madly Off LLC., and Village of Becoming. The heart of her work is centered around impacting the lives of young adults and the youth in her community helping them develop into successful leaders. Latoya’s last fundraising efforts raised money to provide scholarships for her organization.


Developing a successful workshop series, "Woman of Intention & Impact.” Latoya’s created a space where like-minded women of all ages and different walks of life could network in an uplifting and empowering environment. She inspires others to enjoy the journey of becoming their best selves while creating a village to support one another. As a mentor, business consultant, and author, she encourages people to be intentional about reaching their full potential, reassuring them they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

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