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January 12th - National Pharmacist Day & National Curried Chicken Day

Express gratitude to healthcare heroes—it's National Pharmacist Day! Acknowledge the dedication and expertise of pharmacists who play a crucial role in healthcare. Whether they've provided advice or filled prescriptions, take a moment to appreciate their contributions.

Spice up your culinary journey—it's National Curried Chicken Day! Embark on a flavorful adventure by indulging in the aromatic and spicy goodness of curried chicken. Whether you're a fan of Indian, Thai, or Jamaican curry, savor the rich and diverse tastes.

Healthcare Appreciation and Culinary Spice Tip 🌟

Pair your acknowledgment of pharmacists with a homemade curried chicken dish for a double celebration.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of thanking pharmacists on National Pharmacist Day and a spice-filled exploration on National Curried Chicken Day. Keep expressing gratitude and delighting your taste buds with curried delights.

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