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December 20th - Go Caroling Day & National Sangria Day

Spread holiday cheer through song—it's Go Caroling Day! Gather friends, family, or neighbors, and head out to sing festive carols in your community. Whether you're a seasoned vocalist or simply enjoy the joyous spirit of caroling, share the gift of music during this festive season.

Sip on fruity refreshment—it's National Sangria Day! Celebrate this flavorful and festive drink by mixing up a batch of sangria. Whether you prefer red or white wine, add a medley of fresh fruits for a refreshing and delightful beverage. Share the joy of sangria with friends or family.

Harmonious Carols and Fruity Toasts Tip 🌟

Combine the spirit of caroling with the fruity refreshment of sangria. It's a harmonious blend of spreading holiday cheer through song and toasting to the season with a glass of delightful sangria on Go Caroling Day and National Sangria Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for an evening of caroling in your neighborhood and a night of enjoying the vibrant flavors of sangria. Keep singing joyous carols and sipping on the fruity goodness of sangria on Go Caroling Day and National Sangria Day.

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