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February 8th - National Kite Flying Day & National Boy Scouts Day

Soar with the wind—it's National Kite Flying Day! Head outdoors, feel the breeze, and fly a colorful kite. Whether you're an experienced kite enthusiast or trying it for the first time, embrace the joy of watching your kite dance in the sky.

Celebrate scouting values—it's National Boy Scouts Day! Take a moment to honor the principles of scouting, including leadership, community service, and outdoor adventure. Whether you're a current or former scout, reflect on the positive impact of scouting in shaping character.

Wind Dancing and Scouting Reflections Tip 🌟 Fly a kite in an open area while reflecting on the values instilled by scouting. It's a harmonious blend of enjoying National Kite Flying Day and celebrating the principles of National Boy Scouts Day.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of outdoor joy and scouting appreciation. Keep sending kites soaring in the sky and embracing the valuable lessons learned through scouting.

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