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November 29th - Electronic Greetings Day & Family Stories Month

Send warm wishes and connect with loved ones—it's Electronic Greetings Day! Electronic greetings, from e-cards to heartfelt emails, offer a convenient way to share your sentiments and stay in touch. Take a moment to reach out to friends and family, express your feelings, and spread positivity through digital messages.

Throughout the month, we celebrate the richness of family history—it's Family Stories Month. Family stories are a precious heritage, passed down through generations. Take a moment to explore your family's tales, share anecdotes, and keep the tradition of storytelling alive within your family.

Digital Connections and Ancestral Narratives Tip 🌟

Combine the convenience of electronic greetings with the beauty of family stories by sharing a family anecdote along with your heartfelt message.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of digital connections on Electronic Greetings Day and a month of treasuring family narratives on Family Stories Month. Keep bridging distances and cherishing the stories that make your family unique.

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