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October 30th - Speak Up for Service Day & National Candy Corn Day

Today, we raise our voices for a noble cause—it's Speak Up for Service Day! This day encourages us to be advocates for volunteering and community service. Whether you're joining a local service project, mentoring, or simply sharing the benefits of service with others, embrace the spirit of giving back.

Get ready for a sugary treat—it's National Candy Corn Day! Candy corn, with its iconic tri-color design, has been a beloved Halloween classic for over a century. Whether you're enjoying it by the handful or using it to decorate seasonal treats, savor the sweet nostalgia of this festive candy.

Advocacy and Sweet Treats Tip 🌟

As you enjoy candy corn, consider supporting a local charity or organization that encourages community service.

Join us on Destination Celebration for a day of raising our voices for service on Speak Up for Service Day and indulging in the sugary delight of National Candy Corn Day. Keep celebrating the spirit of giving and the sweet traditions of the season.

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